Outlet Store

  • The EDI Outlet Store offers “good as new” excellent quality previously owned and refurbished equipment at great prices.
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  • The EDI Outlet Store will repair and service most computer models
  • EDI offers home and business networking services
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Cash for Trash

  • EDI will purchase used computers, electronics, and telecom gear for either refurbishment or scrap
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EDI Creates Alliance with Foxy Recycle

EDI and Foxy Logos

EDI is proud to announce that it has opened a branch operation to better service the Ottawa basin and further enhance the services offered by Foxy Recycle. EDI-Ottawa will continue to work out of the same location that Foxy Recycle is located and Shaun Hughes will be the General Manager for the Ottawa location. For more information please contact EDI-Ottawa directly at:

Shaun Hughes
EDI — Ottawa
2940 Baseline Road
Ottawa, ON K2H 7T3
Tel: 613-726-3699 x101 / s.hughes@ediinc.ca

EDI Your Electronics Company

At EDI we put the 'E' in recycling

At EDI we don't just recycle electronics we e-cycle them. The first step is to extend the life-cycle of your old electronics by refurbishing and re-sale at our outlet store. Next is is asset management and recovery or corporate e-waste. EDI will purchase obsolete corporate electronics and telecom equipment(e-waste) and expertly recycle all the components to the highest environment standards.

Find out how asset management can benefit your company now.

Controlled Goods

colour replacement toner cartridges

As a registered handler of controlled goods EDI is uniquely positioned to provide recycling and disposal services for industries that produce and integrate controlled goods.

Extending Electronic Life

clean desk with laptop

Computers and electronic equipment can be given an extended life-cycle through refurbishment and re-sale our out outlet store.

Responsible Disposal

pile of obsolete computers

If equipment is deemed irrecoverable, we either recycle components or assign End-of-Life disposal methods to reduce the impact of e-waste on our landfills

We also buy Metals!

picture of a gold and silver bar

EDI now offers buying and selling services in Gold, Silver, Palladium, Copper and Platinum.

For a complete list of metals we accept, and for more information, please visit www.edirefining.com

In the News

cover of March Telecom Gear magazine

EDI is featured on the cover of the March Telecom Gear Magazine!

cover of the February Telecom Gear magazine

In February, EDI was featured on the front cover of Telecom Gear Magazine.

Local Partnerships

EDI Partners with Georgian College to help them Save Money with Recycled Aluminum and Earn Money from Scraps.

Read the article on Page 4 of Georgian College's Ecapsule Newsletter